One of the Main Doors to Visit Bolivia

Copacabana - Bolivia

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60 minutes

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USD 15


What You Will See

With this online tour you will see a serie of photos and short videos of  the world’s largest salt flat, Salar de Uyuni. During rainy season, normally from January to March, this amazing salt flat becomes the world’s largest natural mirror.

Sunrise and Sunset are a must to do if you visit this place and we will show you some nice pics of these events, during wet and dry season, in that way, you can see the difference between both of them.

Crazy photos are one of the main attractions if you visit this place, you will learn how to take this kind of photos and see some crazy ideas of our old clients.

Finally, if you are in the salt flat, for sure you will see the amazing and colorful Tunupa Volcano at the north of the Uyuni Salt flat. You will learn some interesting points about this volcano too, so you have all the information about this incredible place.

How It Works


My name is Juan Carlos Santander Gutierrez, I am a Classic Tourism guide and I live in the city of Copacabana – Bolivia.

I have been working as a freelancer guide since 2003, sharing my experience and transmitting our culture, traditions, myths, legends and customs that still remain alive in my city.

My name is María Eugenia Condori Chambi, I live in the city of Copacabana – Bolivia. I come from an Aymara family and until now we still preserve our traditions.

I like to transmit my own experience with the visitor, showing the reality of our customs, our language, dance, ceremonies and much more. Copacabana waits for you.

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