Titicaca Lake
The World's Highest Navigable Lake

Copacabana - Bolivia

Operated by Pánfilo Tórrez


60 minutes

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What You Will See

During this online experiences, we will imagine that we will catch up a little motor boat to visit Sun and Moon Island, located in the world’s highest navigable lake, Titicaca.

On Moon Island it is possible to see a monastery named Iñak Uyo or Ajlla Wasy wich is an Inka palace lived by the most beautiful women in the Inkas age.

From Moon Island straight on to Sun Island by boat again. Once there, we will visit The Inka’s Garden or Inka’s Stairway and Inka’s Fountain, we will visit a little village named Yumani where most of the people live, going to one of the most beautiful look out points on Titikaka Lake.

Then we can continue visiting Pilkokaina, an Inka’s temple, and the Chinkana labyrinth, at the other side of the Island. Finally,  we go back to Copacabana for visiting the Copacabana’s cathedral.

How It Works


I am Panfilo Tórrez Coronoel (known as Pepe), from La Paz, Bolivia. One of the most beautiful countries of the world, I am just working for 20 years as a tour guide and tour leader in several South American countries, of course I have been in almost every City and little village of my beloved Bolivia.

I also speak english, french and my native language aymara having some features in archeology and history.

The only one and most powerful reason to be your guide is because “I am in love of my country” or 1000 jokes to be told.

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