Uyuni Astrotourism
Where Sky and Earth Meet

Uyuni - Bolivia

Operated by Latinoimaginarios


60 minutes

Español | Português

Different schedules everyday (UTC time)

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USD 15


What You Will See

Uyuni Astrotourism is an experience about the starry sky of the Salar de Uyuni, one of the best night skies in the world.

An inhospitable place where earth and sky meet. The experience is oriented towards cultural astronomy to discover how the original people of America experienced the celestial space.

Knowing those stories that immerse us in the original past where volcanoes had life, and the sky and stars were part of the daily life of our ancestors.

A unique experience that allows us to discover other skies.

How It Works


I am an astrotourism guide and traveler. I was lucky enough to travel the continent on a one-year trip and I declare myself a passionate confessor of Latin America.

I love cultural astronomy and share how other cultures thought and lived heaven. I love to share the starry sky so that people know the value of the night sky as a cultural landscape. The worldviews of the native people is a subject that I am passionate about to value in my experiences of astrotourism.

I love the inhospitable places of magical realism those unthinkable places that not even the imagination can create. Those destinations that by experiencing them give us the feeling of being in another world.

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